Book covers

Creation of a design and illustration in your chosen format and size.

Text formatting

Making your book easy and comfortable to read – both in print and as an e-book.



Bringing your story and characters to life with photos and brushstrokes.


Marta answered quickly, provided me with precise information and was clear on every point, so that there were no hidden costs or problems. She delivered more than I expected, communicated in a kind and professional manner. Recommended!
author of "Hardt mot hardt"

How does it work?

Are you curious about how the design process look like, and what stages your book will  go through?

This section exists to answer your questions – but if you find yourself with some more, you can always shend me an e-mail!

First sketches
Print-ready files

1: Brief

Your story is about to be dressed in the finest digital silks – and for that, I need to know some details. I will ask you about your preferences and requirements, likes and dislikes, and explain how we can transfer them into a cover that grabs readers’ attention like a magnet. All the information you need will always be communicated upfront – you never need to worry about being left in the dark!

2: First sketches

Cover design usually starts with sketches – on paper, and then on a screen. From these, you will receive several versions to choose from (usually 3-4), based on your comments, your book’s mood and genre and the audience you’re hoping to reach. 

3: Feedback

Design is a collaborative process – and your opinion is important. Based on your feedback, I will polish and adjust the version you like the most. My job is to give your book the best possible chance at success – and that is a goal we achieve together, by discussing and reaching the best solutions during several (usually 3-4)  rounds of revisions.

4: Print-ready files

Your book is ready to face the world – which means it’s the time to prepare the files for printing. Worried about finding a typo a day before the deadline? Don’t be – send me an e-mail and I’ll always be happy to help!

Take the first step to reaching your dream readers.