6 Book Designers to Follow

This new series of posts will showcase 6 designers who do awesome work – and yes, this is mostly to let myself publicly fangirl over people whose work I admire. Also, from now on, I will do my utmost to post a new article or feature every two weeks – it may not look it yet, but I do have big plans for this blog!

Good book design isn’t just about stunning imagery – to create covers well, you need to have knowledge about marketing, printing, current design trends and a ton of other things that are seemingly not directly connected to the work you do. Let’s face it –
designers who can take all of that stuff and transform somebody’s words into covers that are both beautiful and effective are people whose work you definitely must see!

1. Craig Fraser

website: http://craigfraserdesign.com
instagram: @cloakanddagger

twitter: @craigiefraser

6 book designers to follow
source: craigfraserdesign.com




2. Jennie Rawlings

website: http://www.serifim.com
instagram: @helloserifim
twitter: @HelloSerifim
facebook: @Serifim

6 book designers to follow
source: serifim.com




3. Anna Morrison

website: http://annamorrison.com
instagram: __anna__morrison__
twitter: @annabookdesign


6 book designers to follow
source: annamorrison.com




4. Clare Skeats

website: http://www.clareskeats.co.uk


6 book designers to follow
source: clareskeats.co.uk




5. Regina Flath

website: http://www.reginaflath.com
instagram: reginaflath
twitter: @reginaflath


5 book designers to follow
source: reginaflath.com




6. Catherine Casalino

website: http://www.catherinecasalino.com
instagram: cat.casalino
twitter: @C_Casalino


source: catherinecasalino.com

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