A Scottish Adventure

Five books

Author: Polly Letson
Format: Paperback & Kindle ebook
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2014
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If you thought even for a fleeting second this world is not as it seems, you are absolutely right. The only reason you aren’t aware that supernaturals walk among us every day, is because a powerful and shadowy international organisation works tirelessly to suppress all evidence of their existence.

So far Iona has falsified results, destroyed evidence and conducted a little light manipulation and misdirection, her position as Lecturer at the Diederich Institute of Parapsychology in Edinburgh makes her the perfect agent.


The Deceived Eye of War

One book

Author: Jaelyn M. Terrell
Format: Paperback & Kindle ebook
Publisher: to be published



Battle of Beings

Two books

Author: Nita Tarr
Format: Paperback & Kindle ebook
Published: 2016
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A boy buried alive in the demon-riddled jungles of the Congo. An army of kidnapped children trained by a warlord to kill or be killed. A dauntless surfer who wins the lottery…and the girl who is stealing his heart. All pawns in a greater game. Sent to bring them together is Taffin, a warrior angel and dragon rider. Beings and mortals become embroiled in a battle as old as time that reaches the heights of heaven, the depths of hell and the corners of your soul. The Battle of Beings – a war you can’t ignore.




Book cover

Author: Abe Winterscheidt
Format: Paperback
Publisher: To be Published
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