Alice in Ultraland


Alice in Ultraland is the second book of the author Simone Corday. It’s an urban fantasy novel featuring strippers, ghosts and burlesque clubs. I had the pleasure to design both the inside layout and cover, as well as convert the book to EPUB and MOBI formats.

Alice takes you to the nighttime world of a burlesque theater, haunted by a banshee and alluring stripper ghosts, the scene of an exotic dancer’s tragic death. Plucky stripper Alice leads an uprising of her coworkers. They travel with their ghost girlfriends to Frank Sinatra’s haunted casino filled with Rat Pack era ghosts such as film siren Marilyn Monroe and Frank himself.  The audacious strippers are after Mafia money hidden by the badass lover of a beautiful ghost stripper to fund their own new club. Follow Alice to a secret gated ghost community on Telegraph Hill, to haunted San Francisco and Lake Tahoe where phantoms from past centuries interact. Alice In Ultraland takes you into the strip club dressing room where dancers gossip, plot and share their obsessions to a chain of supernatural events and a surprising outcome.